A new representative for US East Coast





AMPLITUDE TECHNICAL SALES, supplier of microwave and RF components and subsystems based in Doylestown, PA, USA has been appointed officially as a representative for VECTRAWAVE products covering US East Coast. VectraWave – established in 2006 in Paris, France – is a solution provider for Microwave/ Millimeterwave and RF/Optical Integrated circuit for Transmission and Detection Equipment, in the field of civil, military or space markets. Amplitude Technical Sales (ATS) is the cornerstone of VectraWave activity in USA.  ATS is in charge to promote the entire VectraWave offer from the single component (MMIC) up to the sub-assembly, and is the direct contact and interface to American customers.  More information is available at www.ampsales.com. ATS contact is the following:

Joe D’Agostino

Amplitude Technical Sales

Phone: 215-340-0123

Cell: 215-262-9086