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Integrated Components and Subsystems for Microwave, RF and Light-Wave

Alain Le Borgne.

Alain Le Borgne

Co-Founder and VP of Technologies
Board Member

Alain has more than 33 years of experience in the microwave and microelectronic industry. He joined the industry as a research engineer designing waveguide components and microwaves antennas.

For seven years he served as senior engineer at VELEC SEFAT, where he developed TV transmissions antennas, terrestrial links, satellites receivers, and TV transmissions on fiberglass networks. He was responsible for the design and management of the microelectronic laboratory there.

In 1984 he created ”MICRONIC”, a provider of custom services in microelectronic thin-film circuits and microwaves. He was the chairman of that company until 2006. During this time he was active in the academic community and taught university courses in microelectronic, microwaves and electronic component technology.

He received his PhD from Lille University, working in the “Centre Hyper-frequences et Semiconducteurs”.

Alain Le Borgne is member of IMAPS.

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