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Integrated Components and Subsystems for Microwave, RF and Light-Wave

Yan Haentjens.


Co-Founder and President
Board Member

Before starting VectraWave, Yan Haentjens was Co-Founder and President/CEO of DA-LightCom, a start-up company, founded in 2001, in the business of designing ultra-wideband IC devices for high speed communications. In 2005 DA-LightCom was acquired by Highwave.

His background includes executive management, over 20 years in international sales and marketing in the field of microwave and RF/optical components and instrumentation.

Yan began his career working as a design engineer in radar at Thomson CSF. He holds various patents in the microwave industry including works on a 10 watt X-Band solid state pulse transmitter and RF front end. In 1983 he joined a leading distributor in Europe as a product manager for microwave and optical components, and in 1986 he assumed the position of director of sales and marketing for the GIGA Group, a leading manufacturer of microwave instrumentation and modules. After Advantest acquired GIGA Group in 1989, he moved to Germany as a European product manager for Wavetek Inc.

In 1992, Yan Haentjens held the position of sales manager at MB Electronique, and in 1999 joined Jenoptec, a manufacturer of telecom and optical components, as director of sales and marketing.

Yan Haentjens is a CNAM Engineer.

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