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Integrated Components and Subsystems for Microwave, RF and Light-Wave

Products library.

VectraWave is pleased to provide “Integrated circuit solution” up to 90GHz, using the best available technology processes, allowing performances and “small form factor packaging” for existing and future Microwave equipment.
Our mission is to develop differentiated, cost effective, high performance and low power consumption IC solutions for :

  • Equipment manufacturers
  • RF & Microwave Equipments
  • Optical communication

VectraWave Microwave products offering include:

  • “Integrated Circuits”(ICs), using MMIC (GaAs, GaN, InP) for medium and high power functions, as well as RFIC (CMOS/SiGe) for RF signal processing integration. A list of standard products is detailed, with fast delivery.
  • “Multi-Chip Modules” (MCM/SiP), using Surface Mount Package technologies as well as connectorized Housing (SMA, K, GPPO, etc.), and multi layers board technologies. A list of existing products is detailed.
  • RF Optical Assemblies.


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