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Integrated Components and Subsystems for Microwave, RF and Light-Wave

Phase Shifters.

PackageProduct nameTypeCategoryFrequency (GHZ)Gain (dB)P1dB (dBm)/VppVoltage (V)Current (mA)Product page
VWA0000948AAAAQFNVWA 0000948 AA6 bit MMIC7-1324-7.510More info
ChipVWA 5000057 AA6 bit MMIC7-1324-7.510More info
SMDVWA 00020 AB10G CLK APS DriverMCM8 to 122678300More info
VWA 00039 AB10G CLK APS DriverEVB8 to 122678300More info
KVWA 00053 AA10G/20G DoublerMCMX2More info
KVWA 00045 AD10G/20G Dual DPSMCM2 X 21,5More info
KVWA 00054 AD10G/20G/40G Dual DPSMCM21,5 & 43More info
SMDVWA 00060 AB20G CLK APS DriverMCMX2204Vpp9&5500More info
SMDVWA 00066 AA20G CLK APS DriverMCMX2268More info
VWA 00061 AB20G CLK APS DriverEVBX2More info
VWA 00064 AB20G CLK APS DriverEVBX2More info
KVWA 00047 AA20G/40G DoublerMCMX2More info
SMDVWA 00085 AA22Gbps DriverMCMMore info
SMDVWA 00111 AADUAL Channel 30G/5VppMCM2-32G2558290More info
GPPOVWA 00112 AADUAL Channel 30G/5VppMCM2-32G2558290More info
SMDVWA 00090 AADUAL Channel 30G/8VppMCM2-28G2788280More info
GPPOVWA 00067 AADUAL Channel 30G/8VppMCM2-28G2788280More info
GPPOVWA 00113 AAQUAD Channel 30G/5VppMCM2-32G2558290More info
GPPOVWA 00099 AAQUAD Channel 30G/8VppMCM2-28G2788280More info
SMAVWA 00022 ABSINGLE Channel 15G/8Vpp
MCM2 to 15G26812350More info
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