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Integrated Components and Subsystems for Microwave, RF and Light-Wave

RF / Optical Assemblies.

ImagePackageProduct nameTypeCategoryFreq. (GHZ)/Bit RateGain (dB)Optical Power (dBm)Current (mA)Product page
RF-OPTICAL-ASSEMBLIES_VLI-00005-ADSMFVLI 00005 AADriver SOAMCM10 to 400G560More info
RF-OPTICAL-ASSEMBLIES_VLI-00005-ADSMFVLI 00005 ADDriver SOAMCM11 to 400G800More info
DATA-DRIVERS_VWA-00091-AASMAVWA 00091 AALaser driverMCM1.0-2.02080More info
DATA-DRIVERS_VWA-00091-ABSMAVWA 00091 ABLaser driverMCM1.0-2.020150More info
VWA0000905AAAA_MD_A01RACKVWA0000905 AAQuad SOA DriverMCMMore info
PhotorecepteursSMD/SMFVLI 0000893 AARF/Optical receiverMCM0.001 to 12GHz-55More info
PhotorecepteursSMD/SMFVLI 0000894 AARF/Optical receiverMCM0,001 to 20 GHz-65More info
VWA50000063AAChipVWA 5000063 AATransimpedance Amplifier - S-BandMMIC2.9 to 3.4 / 3.7 to 4.3GHz1625More info

Fiber Optical Link for Wideband and narrow band application

  • Optical transmitter with direct modulation,
  • Optical transmitter with external modulation,
  • Optical Receiver for high optical level, with & without amplifier

Optical Switch (SOA)

  • Transfer Optical switch and leveling
  • Optical Packet switching
  • Bias Tee, DC block


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