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VLI 00005 AD

800 mA SOA Driver for Optical Packet Switch OPS
Package : SMF

UGS : VLI 00005 AD - RF/OPTICAL. Catégorie : . Mots clés : , , , .

Description du Produit

Functions : 800 mA SOA Driver for Optical Packet Switch OPS

The 10NS-800DR is a high speed current driver board capable of delivering 800mA in 10ns to an optoelectronic laser or amplifier. The board accepts
Butterfly packaged devices with TEC operating parameters up to 2.3V and 3A. The anode and cathode of the optoelectronic device have to be floating (not connected to case). The input control signals are in LVPECL logic accessible via SMA or 14 pins connector. The current is send to the device when the “Signal Control” is set at logical level one and trigged on the positive transition of the “Clock” signal. Drive current can be dynamically adjusted thanks to a 4 bits digital control command. Power supply voltages are +/- 5V and +/-15V. The board is equipped with its own heat sink.

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  • High speed tr = 10ns typ.
  • 800mA drive capability
  • On demand current dynamic setting
  • Pre bias
  • Peak current adjustment
  • Manual or dynamic current control
  • Synchronization of current switching and level adjustment
  • TEC management
  • Current monitoring
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Equipped with heat sink
  • 171 x 200 x50 mm


  • Laser driver
  • Optical amplifier driver
  • Fiber system
  • Optical switching

Fiber Optical Link for Wideband and narrow band application

  • Optical transmitter with direct modulation
  • Optical transmitter with external modulation
  • Optical Receiver for high optical level with & without amplifier

Optical Switch (SOA)

  • Transfer Optical switch and leveling
  • Optical Packet switching

Bias Tee DC block


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