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VWA 0000905 AA

Quadruple SOA/BOA Driver

UGS : VWA 0000905 AA - RF/OPTICAL ASSEMBLIES. Catégorie : . Mots clés : , , , .

Description du Produit

Functions : Quadruple SOA/BOA Driver

The VWA0000905AA is a rack with 4 slots drivers for SOA/BOA optical amplifiers in butterfly package*. Each slot is controlled independently in CW mode or pulsed mode to open optical temporal windows. Several functionalities of control and monitoring are proposed in front panel for each slot :

  • Switch with 3 states (OFF / CW / Pulsed)
  • Adjustment for SOA/BOA Current Polarization
  • SOA/BOA Current display on a LCD 31/2 digits
  • Adjustment to set SOA/BOA Temperature
  • RGB Led for Temperature Status
  • Green Led for ON / OFF visualization status
  • Output Temperature monitoring
  • SOA/BOA modulation control with external triggers

Hardware limitations are implemented following used SOA/BOA limitations (Maximum voltage and current for TEC and SOA/BOA). Those hardware limitations can be changed on demand but limited at 1A max. for SOA/BOA current.

Application Note (AN) is available on request.

*SOA/BOA provided optional.

Download Datasheet


  • 2U 19’’ Rackable
  • Power Supply typ. 220V/50Hz
  • LVTTL inputs to control pulse (SMB connector)
  • Optical I/O FC/APC
  • ZIF connectors to connect SOA/BOA (Easy maintenance)


  • Optical burst switching
  • Optical Time Domain Multiplexing
  • SOA/BOA evaluation test




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