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VWA 00085 AA

28 Gbps 400 mVpp->7/8 Vpp output Single Driver

Package : SMD

UGS : VWA 00085 AA - DRIVER. Mots clés : , .

Description du Produit

Functions : 28 Gbps 400 mVpp->7/8 Vpp output Single Driver

The VWA 00085 AA is a Surface Mount amplifier for driving Lithium Niobat MZ double modulator up to 28Gbps.

The module integrates a triple stage amplifier with output level and cross point control commands. Output voltage can be adjusted from 7Vpp (eye amplitude opening) to 3Vpp or less without cross point change.

The module integrates all the passives devices in the same package.

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Main Features

  • Data rate up to 23Gb/s
  • 7Vpp eye opening
  • Input amplitude: 350mV pp
  • Independent Output level and cross point adjustment
  • SMD
  • Low power consumption 2.9W


  • D(Q)PSK
  • 23 40 and 100Gbps

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