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VWA 5000053 AA

DC to 44GHz – 12dB – 21dBm – Double Medium Power Amplifier
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Description du Produit

Functions : Double Medium Power Amplifier

The VWA 5000053 AA is a double distributed amplifier designed on a 0.15 µm pHEMT process.

Each amplification lines are capable of more than +21dBm of output power at saturation regime, up to 40GHz. And more than +17dBm of output power at 1 dB of gain compression, up to 34Ghz. It provides more than 12 dB of linear gain from DC to 44 GHz with a positive slope of +0.0375dB/GHz, up to 40 GHz. This device can provide up to 11 dB gain up to 50 GHz when operating with VD=+ 6V, with an excellent group delay. The Design has been optimized to provide high efficiency. The supply current is as low as 140 mA when operating with VD=+5V.

S2P file can be provided for system design simulation.

DXF file is available for mechanical design.

Evaluation board available on request.

Download Datasheet


  • Distributed amplifier pHEMT GaAs MMIC
  • Wide band: DC to 46
  • Flat group delay & differential GD<1,5ps.
  • 50ΩRF Single ended inputs and outputs
  • DC coupled IN, DC coupled Out
  • P1dB >+17dBm DC to 34GHz
  • High output Psat >+21dBm DC to 40GHz
  • Small signal gain : >12dB from DC to 40GHz
  • Power supply: 140 mA @ +5V
  • 29 X 2.97 X 0.1mm (VWA 5000053 AA)


  • Wide band MPA
  • Radar / ECM / ECCM
  • Test and measurement
  • Broadband / datalink communication


VWA 50000053 AA MEC

VWA 50000053 AA FUNC

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