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VWA 5000054 AA

DC to 44 GHz | 12 dB | 21 dBm | Medium Power Amplifier
Package : Chip

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Description du Produit

Functions :

The VWA 5000054 AA is a distributed amplifier designed on a 0.15 µm pHEMT process.

The device includes an internal biasing circuit which can be used to feed directly the drain current, as an alternative to bias the drain from the HF-Output access. Depending on the desired low cut off frequency, external components can be added to ensure operations started from 30KHz to 2GHz through up to 40GHz. The device includes also an embedded output signal detector and an embedded input gate biasing circuit which can be used to reduce the power consumption in many linear receiving amplifier chains. It is capable of more than +21dBm of output power at saturation regime, up to 40GHz. And more than +17dBm of output power at 1 dB of gain compression, up to 34GHz. It provides more than 12 dB of linear gain from DC to 44 GHz with a positive slope of +0.0375dB/GHz, up to 40 GHz. This device can provide up to 10 dB gain up to 50 GHz with an excellent group delay. Optimized biasing configurations are proposed depending on the input power level pattern.

S2P file can be provided for system design simulation.

DXF file is available for mechanical design.

Evaluation board available on request.

Download Datasheet

Main Features

  • Distributed amplifier pHEMT GaAs MMIC
  • Wide band: DC to 46
  • Internal biasing access.
  • Flat group delay.
  • 50ΩRF Single ended input and output
  • DC coupled IN, DC coupled Out
  • P1dB >+17dBm DC to 34GHz
  • High output Psat >+21dBm DC to 40GHz
  • Small signal gain : >12dB from 2GHz to 40GHz
  • Nominal Power Supply: 168 mA @ +6V
  • 29 x 1.575 x 0.1mm (VWA 5000054 AA)


  • Up to 50GBps, E/O Modulator driver (3V/75mA)
  • Receiver chain amplification
  • Wide band MPA
  • Radar / ECM / ECCM
  • Test and measurement
  • Broadband / datalink communication



VWA 50000054 AA FUNC

VWA 50000054 AA MEC

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