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VWA 50001 AA

32Gb/s NRZ to RZ-DPSK coder

Package : Chip

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Description du Produit

Functions : 32Gb/s NRZ to RZ-DPSK coder

The VWA 50001 AA chip is a NRZ to RZ DPSK coder for high data rate application typically 10 to 32Gb/s. The chip is designed in 0.18μm SiGe BiCMOS 150 GHz process.

The device has two high frequency differential inputs (NRZ_in and Clock) and one differential high frequency output (DFF_Out). The chip is 50Ω single ended and 100Ω differential in and out. The chip can be used single in and out.

The input data stream is synchronized by the input clock and electrically coded to the RZ DPSK format. The output is a 3 level signal: positive and negative pulses are generated to the output according to the clock rate. A RZ coding is applied on the top of a differential coding: for a “1” present to the input the output pulse sign changes at every clock transition and for a “0” the pulse sign remains the same.

The different parts of the chip are internally biased using a voltage and currents reference circuit (Bandgap); in order to have the overall RF characteristics of the chip insensitive to the voltage supply the temperature and the process spread. An enable input control pin is used to switch the chip ON or OFF.

Three separate pins are used to bias the chip: one dedicated to the reference circuit the second for the coder core (input buffers and coder core) and the last for the 50Ω output driver. The 3 bias inputs can be separately filtered / decoupled in order to optimize the overall chip performances.

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Main Features

  • SiGe BiCMOS – Ft = 150GHz
  • Data rate up to 32Gb/s
  • 3V / 480mW typical bias @ 27°C
  • Single or differential input / output
  • Input amplitude (data and clock): 300mV pp
  • Output amplitude : 800mV pp diff (400mV on each 50Ω output)
  • Temperature compensated
  • ON and OFF state through an enable pin control


  • Single MZ modulator NRZ to RZ DPSK coding
  • Fiber transmission

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