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VWA 50014 AA

DC-28 GHz 17 dB Gain + 21 dBm MP Amplifier – 28Gb/s Driver 8Vpp
Package : Chip

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Description du Produit

Functions : DC-28 GHz 17 dB Gain,+ 21 dBm MP Amplifier – 28Gb/s Driver 8Vpp

The VWA 50014 AA MMIC is designed in 0.15μm low noise pHEMT process.

The device is capable of output voltage up to 8Vpp and has a saturation point above 21dBm. It covers frequency from DC to 28GHz, and is DC coupled. Design has been optimized to provide high efficiency, supply current is 200mA with Vdd= +9V.

The MMICs integrate an output power monitoring function: a 24 dB tap coupler delivers the image of the output level on a dedicated pad, and a peak detector is available on the die. Connecting the input of the peak detector to the tap coupler output will generate a DC signal, at the output of the detector, monitoring the output signal. A reference diode is also available for temperature stabilization of the detector function.

S2P file can be provided for system design simulation.

GDSII file is also available for mechanical design.

Download Datasheet


  • Wideband: DC to 28GHz à 1dB
  • Flat group delay up to 40Gb/s
  • High output level up to 8 Vpp
  • Psat > + 23 dBm
  • 50ΩRF Single ended input and output
  • DC coupled
  • Low power consumption
  • Positive voltage supply +9V, 200mA
  • Integrated output power tap coupler
  • Integrated output level detection
  • Reference diode output
  • 2,97 X 1,72 X 0,1 mm


  • Wide band Medium Power amplifier
  • Radar / ECM / ECCM
  • Test and measurement
  • E2O driver up to 30 Gbps
  • Broadband communication
  • Test and measurement


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