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Integrated Components and Subsystems for Microwave, RF and Light-Wave

System in Package (SiP).

To address customer’s system requirements for size and cost, VectraWave is developing proprietary packages like Lead Chip Carriers, and connectorized modules, as well as working with packages like QFN.

System in Package (SiP) is a modular design approach offering unprecedented flexibility in product development. The customer benefits from a faster time-to-market, reduced cycle time for system design, low development risk, flexibility, tuned functional performance, and ultimately—lower overall cost of ownership.

The ability to integrate different technologies and to reduce total product cost and time to market are the prime drivers for SiP packaging.  For the markets that require very high performance, SiPs have enabled the rapid integration of technologies like SiGe, GaAs, CMOS, SOI and passive devices into single package solutions that are not possible today with single-chip solutions. In most cases, this approach has also reduced product costs, allowing systems to be partitioned into the most cost-effective blocks.

SiP technology is an ideal solution in markets that demand smaller size with increased functionality. However, SiP has the added benefit of compatibility with die design changes and integration of various die technologies.



In order to meet customers’ requirements for cost and performances, VectraWave is designing semiconductors using BiCMOS, CMOS, GaAs and SOI processes.

We have experience working with leading foundries like Towell Jazz Technologies, Win Semiconductor, UMS, IBM and Peregrine.

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