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DC to 18GHz
5 Bit Digital Attenuator

The VM103D, is a wide band GaAs MMIC:
– 5-bit attenuator
– Digital control logic
The digital control logic allows for parallel data input, so attenuation value may be changed instantaneously. This broadband Attenuator has an LSB of 0.9dB, and controlled by 5 digital binary inputs, compatible with LVCMOS / TTL levels. This device uses a single -7.5V Bias supply voltage.




  • Operating frequency range: DC to 18GHz
  • 5-bit attenuator
  • 0.9dB LSB
  • 27.9dB Attenuation range
  • Digital control (0 / + 3 V)
  • 24dBm P1dB input compression
  • Parallel data input
  • Chip size: 2.38 x 1.55 x 0.1 (mm)