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1 to 20GHz / 16dB / 27dBm
Medium Power Amplifier

The VWA5000056AA is a power distributed amplifier designed on a 0.15μm pHEMT process. The devices is capable of more than +27dBm of output power at saturation regime, and provides more than 15dB of gain from 1 to 20GHz with less than 1dB of flatness with an excellent group delay between 6-18GHz in typical application. The design has been optimized to provide high efficiency, supply current is as low as 290mA with Vd= +8V.




  • Distributed amplifier pHEMT GaAs MMIC
  • Wide band: 1 to 20GHz.
  • Flat group delay
  • 50ΩRF Single ended input and output
  • AC coupled In, DC coupled Out
  • High Output Psat > +26dBm
  • Large signal gain: 16dB
  • Power supply: 290mA @ +8V
  • Chip size: 3 x 1.3 x 0.1 (mm)