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8.5 to 12GHz / 13dB / 16dBm
Block Amplifier

The VWA5000061AA is a gain block amplifier designed on a 0.15μm pHEMT process.
The device delivers +15.5dBm of output power at saturation regime and more than +13.5dBm of output power at 1dB of gain compression. It provides a 0.2dB flat 13dB of linear gain from 8.5GHz to 12GHz. The supply current is 70mA when operating with a single power supply VD= +5V.




  • Block amplifier pHEMT GaAs MMIC
  • Wide band: 8.5 to 12GHz.
  • 50ΩRF Ac coupled input and output
  • P1dB >+13.5dBm
  • Output Psat >+15.5dBm
  • Small signal gain: 13dB from 8.5GHz to 12GHz
  • Power supply: 70mA @ +5V
  • Chip size: 2.27 x 2.97 x 0.1 (mm)