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9.2 to 10.5GHz - 22dB - 22dBm
Medium Power Amplifier MMIC

The VWA5000066AC is a 2 stages analog medium power MMIC amplifier operating in the frequency range 9.2 to 10.5GHz.
The device is a cascaded 2 stages auto biased amplifier designed in 0.25μm pHEMT process.
The device is capable of more than +23dBm output power at Psat, and provide more than 22dB of gain from 9.2 to 10.5GHz with less than 1dB of Gain variation.
The Design has been optimized to provide high efficiency, supply current is as low as 120mA with VD=+8V, when delivering +23dBm output power.




  • 2 stages Medium Power pHEMT GaAs MMIC
  • Single Bias, Low power consumption < 1W
  • Bandwidth : 9.2 to 10.5GHz
  • High Output Psat : +23dBm
  • High P1dB : + 22dBm
  • High gain: 22dB
  • 50Ω, AC coupled RF input and output,
  • Power supply: 120mA @ +8V
  • Small size: 2 x 1.5 x 0.10mm